"Tal Pinchevsy, a staff writer and producer for NHL.com, answers this very thoroughly in his case-by-case study. He brings to life the risks that had to be taken by players in the former Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia while trying to win their freedom to ply their trade in the NHL." 
-Pete Weber - Nashville Predators / Pete Weber's Hockey Media

"Journalist Tal Pinchevsky’s new book
Breakaway (Wiley), about hockey's pioneering defectors from behind the Iron Curtain, would make an excellet addition to any history curriculum. It has everything: great rivalries, cloak-and-dagger intrigue and white-knuckle escapes from Slavic villains."
-National Post 

TV Interviews

Mutsumi Takahashi from CTV Montreal

CTV British Columbia 


'Breakaway' Revels Hockey's Untold Stories - NPR Only A Game
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